Who Else Desires To Find Out About Rene Fridja?

2 yrs ago SpS Sound Productions Studio began of focusing on a very first task of his kind & very unique one, made to represent and to promote the Israeli music throughout Europe and around the world. All of the songs are taken from the very best Israeli classics, performed by present and past major Israeli artists.

This production, which we have been working on still, is cooperation with a leading lyricist and producer from France, Guy Chice. SpS possess chosen Singer Rene Fridja, which is the most suitable artist to perform these songs on this special task. Rene is a accurate soul singer and something of the veteran Israeli singers. This exclusive production includes 48 songs which will be pieces to four albums.

We have been enclosing three French singles:

Je chante (English translation: ‘I’m Singing’)

Delphine (A title of a French girl)

La mariee (English translation: ‘The bride’s song)

All the arrangements plus the music production were made by the talented musician, Ofer Hamerman.

We will be very happy if you could collaborate with us of distributing this very special project around the globe.

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