Violent Protests Disrupt Montenegro's First Gay Pride Parade

Press your menu button and find the option to bookmark this page (a star icon for some browsers). Activists say including sexual orientation and gender identity in laws, policies and programmes to prevent violence against women and children would reduce family violence against LGBT people. In 2013, Vietnamese government officials organised discussions on same-sex marriage, and invited Dinh - who heads a small chapter of PFLAG, a group for parents and friends of LGBT people - to speak, along with others from the group. Many gay pride gifts include the rainbow flag symbol, which is affiliated with the GLBT community.

Law enforcement in the United States has a history of mistreating the LGBT community and discrimination and harassment continue to be pervasive, the report said. Survey data, as well as individual testimonies and anecdotes, analyzed in the UCLA survey indicated how discrimination and abuse by police officers led to a weakening trust in law enforcement within the LGBT community and resulted in fewer crimes being reported to the authorities. The parade has been held in the past and has been described as the biggest gay pride event in the Muslim world. On display in a nearby office is a banner carried by the Good Shepherd contingent in New York City's 2012 Gay Pride lesbian shirts Parade.

The ACLU also successfully sued a school in Illinois for disciplining students who wore shirts that criticized gay people. The NFLPA has teamed up with non-profit organization Athlete Ally to bring LGBT Pride-themed t-shirts to the NFLPA's official One Team Shop. The shirts were created in honor of LGBT Pride Month, and a portion of all sale proceeds goes to Athlete Ally, a group that promotes tolerance of all people in the sports community regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The shirts feature an rainbow-hued illustration of a football player under #PRIDE.

The package included 2 Dollywood passes; a a lovely, handmade dichroic-glass necklace (provided by artist John Mayfield-Stewart and his husband Joie Mayfield-Stewart; and two rainbow flags that can be attached to a car's rear windows to support the LGBT community. Because of the hard work and dedication of the LGBT Alumni of CN members we were able to award two, $1,000 scholarships this Fall semester.

Keane commends ACS for its LGBT initiatives, but says it will be difficult to recruit an adequate number of supportive foster parents. Johnson, who had been Ashley's therapist for several months before taking the teen into her home, says ACS and its partners should be sure to seek input directly from LGBT foster youth. It's language that's pretty standard in case students show up for their portraits wearing shirts with inappropriate sayings or images on them.

Last week, the Bangor High School Gay Straight Alliance Club encouraged students to wear different-color shirts each day to show their support for issues such as teen suicide and disabilities. Chick-fil-A made headlines in 2012 when its president and CEO, Dan Cathy, voiced his support for traditional marriage. Many LGBT supporters called for a boycott of the restaurant, while others responded by having a Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, creating a record-setting day for the fast food chain. Having figured out a slogan, we set about fundraising so we could give the shirts away for free.

How to Torture Your Neighbors (an Insider's Scoop); Restroom Rules and Etiquette for Public Bathrooms; Why I Play Piano With Only Nine and a Half Fingers; How Not to Wear a Corset (Don't Do What I Did); And How I Fell Down Two Flights of Stairs and Lived to Tell the Tale are some of the funny anecdotes you'll find here. Really butch lesbians will wear shirts as loose as possible in order to give the semblance of breastlessness (especially among those trying to look like 14-year-old skateboarders).

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