Recording Gear For The Creative Process With Trivium's Matt Heafy

Thanks to popular artists such as Ed Sheeran and KT Tunstall, loop pedals have become wildly popular with singer-songwriters. In today's sound-related lingo, it seems like 'digital' means 'preserving the input bandwidth' and 'analog' means 'some high end roll-off', and the causes for either may have nothing to do with any digital process. Reason i ask, is that i'm after the Mobius next and want to use it with the mixer as well (set pre-fader). You just won't have a stereo spread of the delays for the Dual delay set to Parallel and the Pattern delay when used with stereo output. Disaster Area Designs makes great controllers specifically for our pedals and they have a great team to help you out with what you are trying to do with them.

While many pedals offer complex sound switching and manipulation, these options should be quickly accessible in a live setting, especially considering the guitarist will likely make these changes using only their feet! While some pedals may not offer the ideal ability to F-Pedals switch settings during a live stage performance, that's something of little concern for guitarists looking for something to use solely for recording purposes. Trying to meet the demand for vintage sounds most units also feature sims of classic pedals and amps.

I run through a stereo amp setup so I love having one amp set up super modulated and one amp overdriven, it makes a great sound to my ears. The other pedals are okay, but if there were one pedal I could take with me on a desert island, it would be the muff. If there is then I need to know where it meets, dirt pedals are definitely the thing I have the most of an like to experiment with. The world of guitar pedals (as far as I knew) was strictly limited to those catalogs and major manufacturers. Black Cat Pedals are hand built at the FMO Gear Shop, a 1500 square foot workshop/office/gear demo space located in Foxon, CT, Southern New England, USA.

I'm not a fan of analog multifx, because the brand that makes the best fuzz may not make the best delay or flanger or whatever it is you want (on that particular day, for that particular song). Then again, if you have done your research and that particular combination of pedals is exactly what you want, then go for it. You can even get some of that analog mojo in there one way or another if you want.

Aside from the stellar-looking Nemesis Delay, the fleet of new standard sized pedals from Source Audio offers several enticing reasons to consider adding them to your pedalboard. The extra surprises for the tone seeking, tech savvy guitarist are what differentiate Source Audio's new offerings from other pedals. After other successful guitar synth pedals showed that it could be done with great results, Roland decided to throw down the gauntlet with the SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer under their Boss brand.

Now, going one step further with option 2, above, a stand alone module that accomplishes this is the same problem as suggested by DCramer, requiring the same solution, with the only difference being that the analog pedals need a DC source to create the CV (I believe those expert-sleeper modules already use the CV voltages to modulate AC in order to get through an AC coupled interface).

On the other hand, a digital solution allows an easy review of the first several seconds of a series of files, enabling rapid location of the sought after file. Moreover, because the digital voice files are date and time stamped, the dictations are much easier to preview. Other advantages within the digital transcription software are the ability to modify the speed of playback, how far back a dictation will rewind when playback is resumed from a stopped position, and of course volume. Background noise can also be filtered out which is extremely effective when the author/speaker has been dictating in a noisy environment.

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