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Barney is studying physics and mathematics at Victoria University of Wellington. He is extremely happy to be teaching at Wellington College Tianjin and hopes to help build on the exciting progress which has already been made over the past few years. His main roles with us include working in the Maths and Science maths tutoring wellington departments, as well as helping with the football and Junior School PE lessons. Times to be negotiated around venue availability, tutor availability and NCEA exams. Just two years ago, Nate Oats was teaching math in a classroom at Romulus High School and coached in its average-size gym.

Being a member of the Wellington College, Shanghai, founding team is an unbelievable feeling. Since his initial time in China, Robert has maintained strong links to the country and its people, visiting annually, in addition to coaching Chinese-background children in Gloucestershire to help them access the British education system. She is planning to start a line dancing club in Wellington to share her passion with the students. He was a form tutor and a keen participant in charitable fundraising initiatives.

FFA needs to pull their fingers out, I feel they're sticking with the devil they know..and should be on the job building franchises here in aus to replace Wellington. Our popular theatre school meets from 5.15 to 7.45 on Friday evenings during term time in the Princess Royal Sports Complex, Wellington School. As a Wellington Hypnotherapist one of my greatest passions in life is helping people understand what motivates them and how to create the life that they want emotionally.

The research shows that strong knowledge is particularly crucial when children are being taught maths. Naenae College principal John Russell used to teach maths and said specialist maths and science teachers were the most difficult jobs to fill. She said the attractiveness of the profession had fallen and the market offered more enticing opportunities for maths graduates than schools could. Most teachers can cope with teaching maths to first year high school pupils but not beyond, says a Hawke's Bay maths teacher of 30 years' experience. Havelock North High School maths teacher Jill Gray said a lot of what is required to teach year 9 pupils depends on what they learnt in primary school.

Mr Gavin Franklin joined Wellington in 2008 as Master i/c Cricket and English teacher. He played professional cricket for Warwickshire CCC in the late 1990s and following that pursued a career in coaching at the Oval where he was i/c elite player development for Surrey CCC and gained his ECB Level 4 coaching certificate. The tutor monitors and helps with work, extra-curricular activities, grades and reports, and life in the Benson and at Wellington in general.

Why stop there let's get teams from all over the world and make it an international league and then change the rules and make it that you're allowed to use your hands while we're at it. On top of all of that their mere existence in our league is biting the Asian hand that feeds us. Wellington are simply irrelevant to domestic football in Australia. I've said it before and I'll say it again, when I think about engaging the 1.96 million Australians actively involved in association football here, Wellington does not spring to mind. Lessons take place from 4pm to 5pm, 5pm to 6pm and 6pm to 7pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Princess Royal Sports Complex, Wellington School.

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